We are dedicated to protecting Australian battlefields, civil assets and the communities we live in.  

Our team applies their specialist knowledge across machine vision, AI, mechatronics and photonics to create ultra-compact, efficient and extremely effective technology.

AIM Defence designs, builds, tests and manufactures high-powered laser solutions that are affordable, mobile, and the most capable in the world.  
Fibre Laser Specialists
with world leading eye safe lasers.
Optical Designers
who focus on surgically precise beam control.
Gimbal Engineers
that work to sub micro radian precisions.
High Power Laser Manufacturers
who enable assured supply of high power lasers.
Control Systems Engineers
that can follow objects faster than the speed of sound.
Computer Vision Experts
working on temporal and physical deep learning.
Tracking System Architects
who can follow a ten cent piece kms away.
Distributed Computing Specialists
that can make computers collaborate.

Our Founders

Dr Jae Daniel

Jae is a world leading laser scientist, and has spent his career at the cutting edge of laser technology for defence, industry, and medicine.

His passion lies in optics and photonics, having spent over 15 years working within the defence industry and academia. His enthusiasm for the space saw him pursue and achieve a doctorate from the renowned University of Southampton with a focus on two-micron laser sources and high power laser design.

Jae's skill and guidance has lead AIM to develop revolutionary fibre laser designs that reduce size and weight, while also making high power lasers safer.

Jessica Glenn

Jessica is a successful technology entrepreneur, having sold two prior companies.

She specialises in teaching computers how to think. Her primary focuses are in computer vision and large scale, low latency, distributed computing, translating masses of data into useable insight - in micro-seconds.

Her skill and experience has lead seen her found and lead several high tech startups, with several successful exits under her belt. Jessica's most recent company, tamme, utilised both computer vision and decision making machine learning to optimise high frequency advertising bidding at a rate of billions of decisions per day.

Having sold tamme, Jessica turned her focus on how to translate her tech startup learnings into Australian capability and has lead the AIM team to develop the world's most precise High Power Laser targeting system.


Fractl uses novel lasers with advanced AI engagement modelling and governor algorithms to safely engage incoming threats.
By focusing on a high quality optical system and utilising ultra-precise tracking, Fractl is an order of magnitude smaller than other directed energy solutions.
Fractl is able to be scaled as a single unit (vertically) or across collaborative units (horizontally) to address operational requirements as needed.

Our Values

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